The earth is dying. This isn't a page that's going to preach at you. If you need preaching to realize the mess we're in, go somewhere else. We don't have time for you. period.

We're here to suggest a radical notion. There are too many of us, using to much energy, taking too much from the biosphere and earth's crust, turning it into toxic junk that we don't need, to fill a void in lives caused by our culture. The basic idea behind this page is that we as a people are not going to develop magic energy to replace fossil fuels, and we aren't going to find sutainable business models that allow us to keep the economy running at the frightening level that it is.

civilization is a cancer cell, it is growing without limits and nothing can survive that attempts to grow without limits. We have appealled to the head of the cancer to help us. But they reap too many benefits. But bodies that are infected with cancer can self-treat. Cancer can go into remission. We have to do that- one cell at a time, one person at a time.

That's what this page is for, that's what you must do.